Theme Main Screenshot
Theme Main Screenshot
Warehouse Fabric style
by Maestrooo
Speed Test
Time to Interactive 8.2s
Time to Interactive 1.0s
First Meaningful Paint 0.6s
First Meaningful Paint 2.0s
Speed Score 3.9
Speed Score 9.5

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Theme Features

Built for large catalogs

Ideal for stores with a large number of products.

Predictive search

Display live search results and quick links for products and store pages.

Card for trust badges

Dedicated card to showcase your security and payment badges.

Exit popup

Encourage customers to signup to a mailing list or newsletter before leaving the page.

Custom promotion tiles

Promote sales, discounts, and featured products with special promotional tiles.

Stock level indicator

Create urgency by displaying remaining stock in a progress bar.

Stores with Warehouse
Real Time Analytics