Theme Main Screenshot
Theme Main Screenshot
Streamline Luxe style
by Archetype Themes
Speed Test
Time to Interactive 11.6s
Time to Interactive 3.1s
First Meaningful Paint 0.7s
First Meaningful Paint 2.9s
Speed Score 3.3
Speed Score 8.6

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Theme Features

Story-focused product pages

Tell your product and brand story using additional images and text on your product pages.

Quick-load product pages

Product pages can be loaded in advance for quick shopping without leaving the page.

Mobile-first design

Designed specifically for smaller devices and mobile commerce.

Sticky checkout

Keep checkout within reach while encouraging continued shopping.

Animated content

Make your content stand out throughout your store with multiple text, image, and page animations.

Advanced product filtering

Allow customers to filter products by brand, type, color, or size on the collection page.

Stores with Streamline
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