Theme Main Screenshot
Theme Main Screenshot
Launch Fresh style
by Pixel Union
Speed Test
Time to Interactive 15.4s
Time to Interactive 3.7s
First Meaningful Paint 1.1s
First Meaningful Paint 4.4s
Speed Score 2.4
Speed Score 7.5

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Theme Features

Optimized for single-product stores

Ideal for stores with a small number of products.

Designed for your crowdfunding campaign

Share your brand story and present the goals and progress of your campaign.

Goal-tracking tool

Track and display the progress of your crowdfunding campaign.

Customizable color gradient

Customize Launch's signature color gradient to match your store's style.

Home page video

Tell your story by featuring a YouTube or Vimeo video front and center.

Modular-style home page

Promote your brand and product by sharing testimonials, videos, and more.

Stores with Launch
Real Time Analytics