Theme Main Screenshot
Theme Main Screenshot
Kingdom King style
by Krown Themes
Speed Test
Time to Interactive 4.2s
Time to Interactive 0.8s
First Meaningful Paint 0.5s
First Meaningful Paint 2.0s
Speed Score 7.7
Speed Score 9.9

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Theme Features

Optimized for large images

Showcase high-resolution product imagery throughout your store.

Versatile sidebar area

Feature menus, a search bar, customer logins, and other store content in your sidebar.

Grid-style layout

Feature multiple products, posts, or promotions in a grid-style layout on your home page.

Story-focused product pages

Tell your product and brand story using additional images and text on your product pages.

Quick link contact bar

Display store details, brand content or product information with a stylish set of icons.

Customer testimonials

Promote your products by sharing your customers' comments and quotes.

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