Theme Main Screenshot
Theme Main Screenshot
Focal Black Box style
by Maestrooo
Speed Test
Time to Interactive 8.4s
Time to Interactive 2.1s
First Meaningful Paint 0.9s
First Meaningful Paint 3.0s
Speed Score 5.4
Speed Score 8.6

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Theme Features

Built for large catalogs

Ideal for stores with a large number of products.

Infinite scrolling

Scroll through products as they automatically load on the same page.

Color swatches

Display color swatches on your product page to showcase available product colors.

Multi-column menu

Feature product images in a large, multi-column drop-down menu.

Home page video

Tell your story by featuring a YouTube or Vimeo video.

Product size chart

Automatically display a size chart link on your product pages.

Stores with Focal
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