Theme Main Screenshot
Theme Main Screenshot
Boost Spark style
by Clean Canvas
Speed Test
Time to Interactive 5.8s
Time to Interactive 1.2s
First Meaningful Paint 0.6s
First Meaningful Paint 2.0s
Speed Score 5.5
Speed Score 9.5

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Theme Features

Image hotspot linking

Tag images by creating link labels for easier in-context discovery of your products.

Custom promotion tiles

Promote sales, discounts and featured products with special homepage promotional tiles.

Menu promotions

Engage customers by highlighting promoted products, offers and collections in your main menu.

Predictive search

Display live search results and links for products, pages and articles.

Color swatches

Assign color names and display swatches on both collection and product pages on your store.

Related products and blog posts

Showcase selected featured products on blog and article pages.

Stores with Boost
Real Time Analytics