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Mobilia is a clean and modern theme featuring stunning full width image and video support, and high-impact, grid-style featured links. This theme also boasts a modular, easily configurable homepage that gives you lots of ways to tell your shop’s story, with custom content, video and social feeds. Bold simplicity and earth tones characterize the contemporary, zen inspired Tokyo template.

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Theme features

Product page gallery and video

Showcase your products in detail with zooming, video clips, and high-resolution images.

Full-width home page video

Tell your story by featuring a full-width video front and center.

Disqus blog comments

Offer a great blog experience with avatars and social sign in.

Full-width Instagram feed

Share your latest Instagram posts in a full-width feed.

Customizable sidebar

Customize your sidebar menu on the collection page to feature collection-specific details.

Multi-level menu

Feature a multi-level drop-down menu to help customers easily navigate your store.

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