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Refined and elegant, the Napa template makes a polished showcase for top shelf products, and is popular with fashion, beauty, and foodie shops. The latest Mobilia theme includes high-impact, grid-style featured links, full-width video, and lots of options for smooth content integration.

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Theme features

Product page gallery and video

Showcase your products in detail with zooming, video clips, and high-resolution images.

Full-width home page video

Tell your story by featuring a full-width video front and center.

Disqus blog comments

Offer a great blog experience with avatars and social sign in.

Full-width Instagram feed

Share your latest Instagram posts in a full-width feed.

Customizable sidebar

Customize your sidebar menu on the collection page to feature collection-specific details.

Multi-level menu

Feature a multi-level drop-down menu to help customers easily navigate your store.

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